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Spring Sandals

Because it’s spring/summer just about everywhere except where I’m living at the moment, I decided to write a post about my favorite sandals and spring shoes so that I could feel a little bit of warmth.

Some of you know that my family and I are moving back to Florida this summer. I will have to start stocking up on sandals and open-toed shoes for my new home! I’ve been looking online and made a short list of purchases after we’re settled into our new home. (Okay, maybe before that if I think I can sneak them into a moving box!)

First up are Birkenstocks because they are the most comfortable sandal I’ve ever worn. My brown ones are worn out and it’s time to replace them. Plus, these are on sale right now!

Next up are these super cute sandals. I love that they come in so many colors and aren’t super expensive so I can coordinate them with any outfit.

Looking for something a bit dressier? These are so adorable and look especially wearable for an entire day. Whether you’re at the office or out on the town, these sandals will work with any outfit!

Love the look of those espadrilles you saw that influencer wearing on Instagram but don’t want to spend that much? Check these out!

I really love these for the fun yellow color. The heel makes them elongate your legs and raise your butt. Who wouldn’t love that?!

Finally, I have been eyeing these for a year. I bit the bullet and ordered them today! I’ll let you know how I like them when they get here. Thanks, Amazon Prime!

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