Fat Be Gone…For Good!

So, a while ago I promised all of you I would keep you up to date with my weight loss battle.  But I didn’t.  I didn’t continue posting, and I also didn’t lose another pound.  Not. One. More. Pound.  BUT.  And here’s the important part: I am going to lose this fat.  I have changed my mindset.  I am not worried about the scale, I am more concerned with the fat surrounding my middle, top, and bottom.  I have a plan…and I would love if you guys would all come along with me. Continue reading

A new diagnosis for Jamie

For this Wishful Wednesday, I had a pretty good post about wishing people wouldn’t lie.  I was alost done and realized it was time for me to take Jamie to his yearly neurology appointment.  So, I saved the document, got Jamie ready to go and we took off down the road.  Little did I know that post was about to be thrown to the wayside for a newer wishful post.  A new diagnosis was on our horizon. Continue reading

What If I Never Had My Kids?

Sometimes, I try to imagine what my life would be like if I never had kids.  If I were one of those women that didn’t want to have kids, what could my life have been?  Would I travel the world at the drop of a hat?  Could I eat what I want when I want it instead of being subjected to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day for lunch?  Would I have a hobby that keeps me busy, or a high-powered career instead of being a stay at home mom who kisses boo-boos?  Maybe I would work side by side with my husband.  Maybe I’d actually get to use the restroom, take a bath, or God forbid talk on the phone without constant interruption.  Perhaps I’d be able to fit into those size 6 jeans again, or I’d have less wrinkles, and sleep longer and better.  Maybe I’d have a nicer wardrobe that wasn’t covered in bananas and juice.  Hey, a girl can dream. Continue reading

Patience is a virtue (which I do not possess)

Well, that’s not entirely true.  I do have patience with my son.  He has cerebral palsy and I am very patient with him.   I have to be patient with him.  He needs a little extra time to make decisions about what he wants to eat, or which book he wants to read.  He needs a little extra time getting in and out of the van.  He needs me to repeat myself at least three or four times to make sure he’s heard me, or that he understands the statement/question.  Everyone else, not so much. Continue reading

Are ‘Baby Bikinis’ Okay?

Ok, I’m about to rant.  I’m so sorry to those of you who may disagree with me, but this is America.  You’re free to do so at any time.  It seems that Ms. Jessica Simpson, of singing and reality television fame, has dared to have a baby and then make decisions for said baby. <insert sarcasm here> Seriously?  Where does this woman get off making decisions for her own child without consulting the American public?!  Who does she think she is?  Continue reading