Tell Us Your Super Power!!!

Velcro Ninja Warrior Princess/Mama

Yes, my friends, I am a velcro ninja!  I know how to make your velcro use last longer, more versatile and, yes, more awesome.  I’m sharing all of this knowledge with you in the post  linked below:)  So on this “Tell Us Tuesday,” we want to know, what’s your super power?  Are you the guru of overnight packing? Have you mastered the Tao of feeding pump hoses?  Do you have an ingenious and masterful tip for saving time in middle of the night bed changes?  Tell us, mamas, what fantastic tips have you found that make life just a little bit easier around the house.  As a mama who spent an unexpected weekend away from home, I’m gonna need all the help I can get to crawl out from under the laundry and home school planning this week!!! Continue reading

Why I Love Low Tech AT

Low tech assistive technology, why do I love thee? Let me count the ways.  I love the way I don’t need to talk to medicaid to purchase you because you are affordable (and I am cheap.)  I love they way my husband does not require CPR when someone drops you in the toilet.  I love the way I feel like a non-mulleted MacGyver when I figure out a way to help a kiddo do something new, easier or better with stuff I have around the house, and I do so love MacGyver. Continue reading

Make a Modification Right Now

After extolling all of the many benefits of making modified equipment in a previous post, it seems only fair to put one up that encourages moms and dads to get their feet wet with stuff they probably have sitting around the house right now or could get their hands on with a 10 minute trip to Wal-mart (okay 10 minute trips to Wal-mart are mythological but 10 minutes or less of your trip would be used for grabbing this stuff.) Continue reading