Early Morning Prayer and Worship Time/DeZarn Family Comedy Hour

Of course we pray before meals, always have.  However, a long time ago, I decided to carve out a time to pray and spend time with God and my kids.  I thought it was important but I also didn’t want it to feel like punishment or something boring to get through to get to something else.  So, I picked a time that was regular and where they really didn’t have anything else to do.  We pray, recite Bible memory verses, and sing simple worship songs every morning on the way to school (and sometimes they initiate it on other car rides too; which is just fine with me.)  It’s only about 10 minutes but it is regular and genuine and you’d be amazed at how much they have learned in that time over the course of several years.  Plus, they frequently dive into their children’s Bibles to pick the next verse or ask questions later in the day about what they learn in that time.  It’s great!   Continue reading

Assessment, Pompous A**es Do It–You Should Do It Better!!!

A few weeks ago, when Brandy and I asked what you’d like to see on Modified Mamas, one of the responses was more ideas for home schooling or practicing skills at home for kids with special needs.  I am committed to doing just that and today is the first installment. Whether you home school or just want to help your child practice skills at home, I think this information will help. Continue reading

The Games We Play!

Fall in Kentucky is pretty soggy and we have to be creative to burn off some of that extra energy.  We do this lots of ways.  Wii competitions, dance parties, etc. all help.  Here lately, we’ve been playing a new game that is both timely and leads to hours of silly giggles, I thought I’d share it with you. Continue reading

Can We Talk Part 3: From Their Code to Ours

I deeply apologize that it has taken me this long to get to part 3 of this series.  School started and I have been waist deep in home school planning, transition to school behaviors and all of the other magic that is the beginning of school.  However, communication is an issue about which I am passionate so here goes!  We’ve cracked your child’s code, he/she is learning to make choices, now we need to make the jump to symbolic language. Continue reading

Can We Talk Part 2: Just Pick Something Already!

Okay, now that you’ve cracked your child’s code for other people, let’s talk about moving communication from instinct to intention.  The first and most important way to do this is to allow them to make choices.  Why is this so important?  Because, having choice in one’s life gives the person empowerment over their environment.  It is a matter of respect and it is one of the special privileges of humanity–I mean, I don’t ask my dog what he wants to eat or what color collar he wants to wear but my kids sure can pick, at least some of the time.   Continue reading

Can We Talk? Part 1-Be the Code Cracker

I started writing an entry about KWSN’s and communication.  However, it was quickly becoming a novel so I’ve decided to make it a series.  I have been blessed to work with an absolutely outstanding lot of speech/language professionals in my classroom and with my own babies and they’ve left me with some great tricks and I have come up with a few of my own.  I hope they’ll be a help to someone out there and I would be forever grateful if you’d leave me some tips of your own.  So, that said, here is part one: Continue reading

Learning at the grocery store

So, here’s your dilemma:  You are out of eggs, milk, bread, juice, and toilet paper, not to mention every other thing you could possibly put in your fridge or pantry; and you have no sitter for your kids.  You must take them with you, or go without that much-needed TP.  What do you do?  Well, if you’re like me, you panic a bit, then bite the bullet and load up your kids. Continue reading