Something Sweet Amidst the Scary

Hello, Mamas, I hope that summer finds you enjoying lazy days with sandy toes.  First, I should assure you that neither Brandy nor I has been abducted by aliens nor fallen into a deep hole from which we cannot escape.  We’ve just been busily rushing around like modified chickens with our little heads cut off.  I have been struggling over a post for a while and just can’t quite get all that I need it to say into it without tipping over into harpyville. Thus, I have temporarily tossed that post aside to write about something completely different.  On “Tell Us Tuesday,” I want to share what pretty much occupies my every waking thought right now and I am begging for any hints those of you who deal with these issues can give me. Continue reading

It’s Okay, Mommy Brought the Magic

As most of you know by now, I have 4 kids and three of them have special needs.  We see LOTS of doctors in several different locations.  We’ve been seeing lots of doctors for lots of years.  Add to this that my children have lots of anxiety and lots of sensory issues and, as you might guess, I’ve endured lots of headaches from watching my babies suffer lots of meltdowns.  Luckily, through lots and lots of trial and error, I have found some things that really help all of my children get through doctors appointments with far less stress (a lot.)   Continue reading

Assessment, Pompous A**es Do It–You Should Do It Better!!!

A few weeks ago, when Brandy and I asked what you’d like to see on Modified Mamas, one of the responses was more ideas for home schooling or practicing skills at home for kids with special needs.  I am committed to doing just that and today is the first installment. Whether you home school or just want to help your child practice skills at home, I think this information will help. Continue reading

Muffin Top and Me

Usually, on Tell Us Tuesday, we ask you a question regarding your life, your kids’ lives, or your thoughts on something in particular.  Today, I’m going to Tell YOU.  I’m going to tell you about my struggle with my weight, something that is very personal and has taken me a long time to come to terms with needing help.  When you have a child with special needs you go through a depression that is so hard to pull yourself out of.  It seems the more you see yourself in photos or even in the mirror as the overweight woman you don’t know, the more depressed you become.  At least, for me, that’s how it is.  Now that I’m 36, I’m finding that I like myself a lot more.  My body isn’t all that there is of me.  I’m funny, fairly attractive, and I’ve got a nice rack.  I try to remind myself of that when I’m feeling down about how I look.  With that in mind, I’ve decided to lose weight in a public way.  I’m going to document my weight loss goals and ups and downs right here to share with all of you to hopefully make myself more accountable.  Here is my story: Continue reading

Up, Down and Sideways, Oh, and the Give Away!

In general, I am a pretty positive person.  I tend to see the glass as half full.  I find silver linings in the clouds and, on occasion, wear some lovely rose colored glasses.  However, when I reflect on my Modified life, (as opposed to the life I had before children with special needs) I find that it has a different rhythm.  Before I had kids and even after having Laura-Elizabeth but before taking in foster children with special needs, life definitely had its ebb and flow.  There were hard times and more calm times.  That’s natural.  However, I don’t claim to speak for y’all, but now we have less ebb and flow and more of a parallelogram of flow.  You know, more ups and downs and a lot more build and climb. Continue reading

Just A Little Deeper

It would have been a melancholy day for me regardless; my kid’s birthdays always are.  I always find myself pulled between pride and joy at the growth my kids are making and a touch of sadness for their “littleness” left behind.  Each year, they are a little bit more independent; a little further from the well worn crook in my arm where they once rested.  With every candle blown out, I am a little bit less able to protect them from the inevitability of the world with its heartbreak and challenges.  However, given the horrible events in Connecticut just the day before, these truths were less a whisper in my mommy ears and more like a flashing neon sign.   Continue reading

Call Me Mrs. Responsible

There are times, like today, when I’d love to be irresponsible.  I’d love to be the one who doesn’t remember what time the kids have to be at school or therapy.  Or the one who never remembers where I put my cell phone, keys, wallet, belt, and shoes.  But I’m not.  I’m a Mama.  Mamas have to be on call at all hours, for everyone, even when we’re on “vacation”.  If your family is with you, you are on the clock.  Now, I’m not really complaining.  I enjoy being needed by my family.  I always wanted to be a wife and a mother, and I love it.  I have the best (and some would say the hardest) job in the world.  I get paid in hugs and kisses.  Who but a mom can say that?  Still, there are days… Continue reading

Tell Us Tuesday: What I Learned Over the Holiday Weekend

If there is one thing I’ve learned about “modified life,” it is that it is a constant learning curve.  There is always something that needs tweaking, considering, flexibility.  Whenever I think that I have almost gotten things figured out, something new pops up or we revisit some old challenge that we thought we’d moved passed.  The holidays, as much as I love them, seem to amplify this.  This past weekend was no exception but I learned a few things; some funny, some not so much.   Continue reading

Tell Us Tuesday: What’s on your list?

I’m a person who adores tradition.  Not only my traditions, I am fascinated by traditions and cultures all over the world.  I love to hear families talk about their own traditions.  So, here on the “Tell Us Tuesday” before Thanksgiving, I hope you’ll just consider this fairly obvious post an homage to my love for tradition rather than a lack of creativity.  (And, yes, it’s probably both.) Continue reading

How to Piss Off a Modified Mama

Have you ever had one of those moments when you’re just so unbelievably pissed off that you can’t see straight?  I have!  Usually, it’s when someone has said something completely hurtful or ignorant regarding one of my kids or my mothering.  The following is a list I’ve compiled, with the help of Nicole, to tell all how to completely piss off a Modified Mama.  These are in no particular order.

Continue reading