Modified Life–Life Lessons the Hard Way

Today, I was reading an update from my friend Terra whose little girl is fighting for her life.          If you haven’t liked her page, you can find it here:  Hope For Kendall.  If this post does nothing else, I hope that it urges you to pray fervently for sweet Kendall and her beautiful family.  However, Terra’s always honest and heartfelt words about struggling to tell Kendall’s sisters about how sick Kendall is and that their planned family vacation won’t include everyone because she has to stay with Kendall in the hospital cut me to the core.  She’s fighting so hard with her sick baby and she’s afraid that she’s failing her other girls because she has to be with her beautiful sick princess.  Maybe you’ve never had to cancel or change a vacation.  Maybe your child’s needs haven’t required you to spend weeks on end in the hospital, but don’t you sometimes worry about the cost of modified life for your other children (or others you may want to have)?  I know that I have. Continue reading

Mama Needs a Brand New Bag!

Gosh darn it, mamas, something’s gotta give around here!  I’ve dipped into some sort of funk.  I’m pretty sure my yoga pants rolled their eyes at me when I put them on (yet again) and didn’t do any yoga (yet again) last week.  I’m not doing a very good job of taking care of myself right now.  We’re eating out too much. I’m not exercising nearly enough and, frankly, I’ve let myself go.   Continue reading

When The Tigers Come At Night

Okay, true confession time.  I’m struggling.  I’m an avid blog reader and, in case you haven’t seen them, one of the things so many moms are writing right now are these lovely pieces about a particular age in childhood.  What does two or four or seven, etc. mean to them and to their child.  The pieces are beautiful; they’re gorgeous.  I read them and I’m captivated and mesmerized by the moments that these friends of mine are sharing.  I read more by mom’s I don’t know.  They are just lovely and I would never take anything away from that.  However, there’s a piece of me that aches as I read them.   Continue reading

The Hands Across My Heart

There we lay; three lumps in my bed.  My youngest girl on my left, my youngest boy on my right; they stretched their hands across me tickling each other to stay awake.  I breathed deeply and told myself not to roll my eyes.  It was one of those moments when you don’t bother to say anything at all because if you dare to open your mouth a deafening scream might just escape.   Continue reading

A Modified Mamas Give Away!!!

Hey y’all, it’s that time again.  Time for us at Modified Mamas to spread a little joy to you modified mamas with the help of my dear friend Beth Wyatt.  It’s a pretty great one too.  This time around, we’d love to get some information from you guys to help make our site as helpful as possible.  To be entered in the give away, we’d love to know either your favorite kinds of posts on Modified Mamas or what you’d like to see. Continue reading

Just For Mama Mondays: Take Time to Breathe

I have been sick for over a week.  It started with strep and morphed into some sort of secondary infection/autoimmune nightmare.  For several days in a row I had vertigo so bad that I could barely walk around.  It was terrible, not so much the being sick as the being still.  I don’t DO still.  I do too many things at once.  I do all night cleaning marathons because I can’t seem to catch up during normal hours.  I do last minute costumes, wild and manic errands with four children, multiple out of state doctors appointments in a week, and lots of fixing errors made from doing too many things at once.  What I never do is sit still. Continue reading

I’m sorry. I love you.

Last night, I was lying in bed watching “Four Christmases“.  Now, this movie did not win any Oscars for best picture, but it was an enjoyable movie for lulling me to sleep.  I was lying there, thinking about the weekend and how Joel and I had a few moments this weekend where we just weren’t connecting and one or the other of us was in a mood.  I’m not sure whom it was, as it could have been both or either of us.  We just weren’t getting along very well.  One of us would misspeak and the other would get hurt feelings, and I’m just going to say it: someone was pushing someone else’s buttons.  There.  It’s out there.  Joel is a button-pusher, and I am a reactor.  I may over-react and then there’s a disagreement and voices are raised.  I digress.  I’m watching the movie, trying to reflect on the weekend and relax when I hear Vince Vaughn say, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”  Well, this could not be further from the truth. Continue reading

Need Advice?

Some days, we Mamas need some advice.  I had just that thing happen to me today.  The school guidance counselor called to tell me about an incident that happened with my daughter, who is 5 years old.  Another little kid at school said something very disturbing to her and she got really upset.  Not knowing what to do as this is my first experience with this type of thing, I turned to Facebook. Continue reading