Early Morning Prayer and Worship Time/DeZarn Family Comedy Hour

Of course we pray before meals, always have.  However, a long time ago, I decided to carve out a time to pray and spend time with God and my kids.  I thought it was important but I also didn’t want it to feel like punishment or something boring to get through to get to something else.  So, I picked a time that was regular and where they really didn’t have anything else to do.  We pray, recite Bible memory verses, and sing simple worship songs every morning on the way to school (and sometimes they initiate it on other car rides too; which is just fine with me.)  It’s only about 10 minutes but it is regular and genuine and you’d be amazed at how much they have learned in that time over the course of several years.  Plus, they frequently dive into their children’s Bibles to pick the next verse or ask questions later in the day about what they learn in that time.  It’s great!   Continue reading

An Open Letter to Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature:

You are the one that so many of us attribute so many things to.  For instance, lots of people believe you control the weather and bring us rain when we need it, snow when we’re looking for a good time during winter, and sunshiny days when we’re down. Since the beginning of time people have held you in high esteem.  Some even holding rituals in your honor.  Some folks believe you’re a lovely fairy, dressed all in green with floaty fairy wings and a wand.  Not me.  I think you’re a *itch. Continue reading

My Never-ending Love for Adam Levine: A Photo Album

Ok, we all know he’s sexy as all get out.  If you don’t agree, maybe we should reconsider our friendship right this minute.  I just don’t understand how anyone could find him unattractive…I mean, the hair, the tattoos, the voice?  THOSE ABS?!  Yes, he’s hot.  But he’s funny, too.  And he loves women.  And children.  What’s hotter than that?  Not much.  Since it’s Funny Friday, I’m going to share a few photos and memes I’ve found.  Enjoy, fellow Adam Lovers (or sister-wives). Continue reading

Things I’ve Learned As a Mother-Update

Because today is Funny Friday and this Mama has no funny in her due to a cold, a pounding headache (thanks Mother Nature!), and the kids are home from school (thanks a lot Snow Day!), I am recycling one of my favorite posts, and updating it.  Some of it is funny, some of it is heart-felt, but all of it is true.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it years ago when Riley was a baby, but I have made some changes to it. Continue reading

Fudgesicles! Why Didn’t I Say That?

This week, I read a hilarious post about ways to make your next IEP meeting awesome.  You can see that awesomeness here.  Now, the language is salty and, of course, it’s a joke but I was inspired.  I mean, I immediately thought of some of my own IEP meeting additions and then some that fit in other places too.  “Know who would love this?” I thought.  My lovely modified mamas.  Clearly I was right because here you are, loving me, I’m sure of it. So without further ado, here’s some stuff I really wish I could say: Continue reading

The Happiest Place on Earth

Joel and I took the kids to Disney over the Christmas break.  This doesn’t sound like a major undertaking, but it wasn’t easy, either.  With Jamie’s disabilities, we had to make sure he would be comfortable, warm (even though it’s Florida, it DOES get cold), and wearing dry pants (we’re still in the midst of potty-training).  Not to mention the 750 mile drive to get there in the first place.  I spent weeks planning our trip.  Lists were made, the kids were out of school, Christmas presents were bought and wrapped, lists were rewritten, bags were packed and repacked, the van was serviced and washed and packed, the house was cleaned and all the trash was taken out…we were ready to go. Continue reading

Funny Friday: If the Whole World Was More Like Preschool

Yesterday, I responded to a post on another site where a mom was asking for advice about explaining her child and her child’s condition to her daughter’s new preschool class.  For those who are new to our site, I will explain my experience here.  If you’re not new, skip to the next paragraph 😉  I was a special education teacher for kids in low incidence populations for 9 years.  Before that I worked at several daycares.  After that, I worked as a developmental specialist in preschool classrooms and in homes of children ages birth to three years old until becoming a full time SAHM to my 4 kids, 3 of whom have disabilities.  Needless to say, I have had lots of experience watching wee people with and without disabilities make their way together both inside and outside of my own home. Continue reading

Funny Friday: Kids Are Hilarious!

So I was trying to figure out what I was gonna’ write for Funny Friday when I heard it, Mylie’s little voice ringing from the back seat of the van singing, “Deck the halls with pounds of holly.  Fa na na na na na na na na!”  Is there anything funnier than when kids do that word switching thing?  You know, who doesn’t love the color “lellow” or a drink from the water “mountain”?  Having been a teacher, mother, and all around kid addict for years, I’ve been privy to a ton of funny stuff.  I thought I’d share 10 of my favorites. Continue reading

Funny Friday is for Elf on the Shelf

There are a lot of folks out there who are against the whole Elf on the Shelf idea.  I’m not sure why.  Some say it’s because he’s creepy, or that he is used to bribe kids to behave (don’t we already do that with Santa?).  For our family, it’s just another fun tradition we do.  We don’t bribe our children to behave; they are already pretty good kids.  Mostly, it’s just something fun for them to see what Chippy has gotten into the night before.   Continue reading

Funny Friday: 12 Days of Christmas

Folks, I am no Scrooge, neither Ebeneezer nor McDuck.  I’m not a Grinch (but I do adore the Grinch and his enlarged heart.)  I am not a Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins and I’m not going to give you a C on your paper about your Red Rider BB gun.  I am a tinsel wrapped, bell wearing, stocking stuffing, sobbing over “It’s a Wonderful Life,” carol singing, sweet baking, handmade gift making, peppermint munching, holiday fanatic.  I love all of it!  I love to say, “Happy Holidays, now quick tell me all of your traditions.”  I live to teach my kids about all of the festive traditions around the world including our Jewish roots (we do so love to scarf down a latke!)  I am a holiday junkie of the highest order.  It has been suggested, and I cannot argue, that I just might need some sort of intervention–but why?  What kind of help do I need for being too happy? Continue reading