Something Sweet Amidst the Scary

Hello, Mamas, I hope that summer finds you enjoying lazy days with sandy toes.  First, I should assure you that neither Brandy nor I has been abducted by aliens nor fallen into a deep hole from which we cannot escape.  We’ve just been busily rushing around like modified chickens with our little heads cut off.  I have been struggling over a post for a while and just can’t quite get all that I need it to say into it without tipping over into harpyville. Thus, I have temporarily tossed that post aside to write about something completely different.  On “Tell Us Tuesday,” I want to share what pretty much occupies my every waking thought right now and I am begging for any hints those of you who deal with these issues can give me. Continue reading

It’s Okay, Mommy Brought the Magic

As most of you know by now, I have 4 kids and three of them have special needs.  We see LOTS of doctors in several different locations.  We’ve been seeing lots of doctors for lots of years.  Add to this that my children have lots of anxiety and lots of sensory issues and, as you might guess, I’ve endured lots of headaches from watching my babies suffer lots of meltdowns.  Luckily, through lots and lots of trial and error, I have found some things that really help all of my children get through doctors appointments with far less stress (a lot.)   Continue reading

The Little Product That Changed My Life

I have a child that doesn’t sleep.  I mean seriously, he doesn’t sleep well at all!!! Newborn, colicky infants have nothing on my sweet boy.  His sleep disturbance is part of his disability.  His body doesn’t know how to wind down and if he sleeps even a few minutes and wakes up, his brain tells him he’s slept already and it’s time to get up.   Yes, he takes medication to help because, otherwise, he’d be suffering physical effects from exhaustion, however, we still needed help.  You see, when he wakes up at night, he is prone to getting up and wreaking havoc. Continue reading

Products I love: Non-battery powered toys

I just love Toys R Us.  Not just because I’m literally a kid at heart and I love being surrounded by all of those toys; but mostly because they have a special catalog for our kids.  Their catalog is called the Toys R Us Differently Abled Guide, and if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a must-read for Christmas shopping ideas for your kiddos.  Continue reading