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See Ya Later

Nicole and I have come to the difficult decision to shutter Modified Mamas.

Much like the Duchess of Sussex, we have had to put other things first in our lives and close up our blog. While we won’t be holding court with the Queen, we will be holding court with our husbands, jobs, our children and their huge amount of appointments, parties, end of school activities (why are there so many activities at the end of the year?!), and so many other things that have to take precedence at this time. Although, I wouldn’t mind having HRH Duchess Kate for a sister-in-law.

Though we love you all very much, our lives are too hectic and full to effectively communicate to the masses (ok, the handful of folks who actually follow and interact with us on social media).

Sometimes, life is overwhelming and just too full of other responsibilities.

One of the hardest things for Nicole and me is that we are empaths. We feel the brutality of the world in the very depths of our souls and some days it’s just too much to write about. We started this blog hoping to help families of kids with special needs and along the way it bloomed into something else. It became about ALL families. But it also became about not settling for the status quo any longer. We started to really talk to you about what was on our minds about social issues affecting today’s families. And then it became harder and harder to really understand the world we’re living in.

The year is 2018.

We both lost a lot of respect for people, in general, over the last two years. Some of the things that have happened (and been said) have been so disheartening and appalling. We cannot wrap our minds around the fact that there are still school shootings going on and all people can say is that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” and “it’s a mental health issue”. Well, no shit. Perhaps it’s both and more. As you can see, these things just tend to piss me off because I’m passionate about the safety and well-being of our children.

We cannot believe that in the year 2018, we are still talking about racial equality. Or feminism. Or sexual misconduct by men in the workplace. We are so proud of the many activists who are doing things about these issues and we hope you’ll exercise your right to vote this year. Make your voices heard.

We’ve learned a shit ton from your comments and messages and appreciate that you took time out of your day to interact with us. We learned a lot about how the minds of the interwebs work and what gets people talking and what doesn’t. We figured out who we are and that what we put out into the universe comes back to us. You all have made a huge impact on our lives and we can’t thank you enough for so many kind words throughout the year.

We have and always will be champions of women, children, and families. We may come back here someday, but for now, this is just see ya later.┬áIf you’d like to keep up with us, please find us on Instagram where I will still post funny parenting memes, meaningful quotes, and whatever the hell I feel like.

Go forth, Mamas, and spread love and happiness for a brighter, better tomorrow for our kids.

Be kind to one another.

~Brandy and Nicole

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