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Our Day in the City

Today, the hubster, Jamie, his PCA and I went to our first Twins game in Minneapolis.

It was the best day! We started out our morning as usual. Everyone was rushed, cereal was eaten, kids were delivered to their respective day camps. Joel and I worked for about two hours and then we took the rest of the afternoon off.

We drove down to Minneapolis and got great parking! Surprise! We picked up our tickets from Will Call and then the real fun began! Have you ever tried to maneuver a wheelchair through a huge crowd? People step in front of you almost taking their shins or ankles off in the process. So much fun to try to stop a 25 pound wheelchair with a 120 pound kid in it. “Get outta the way, people! Coming through” my mind screams. But my polite southern-ness says, “Excuse us. Pardon us.” Darn manners.

It’s nap time!

We finally find our seats, arms laden with yummy burgers and beers and we start cramming our faces full of that yumminess. Once Jamie gets his fill of his chicken fingers and water, he promptly falls asleep. Dreaming of Jack’s Big Music Show re-runs and cotton candy, he slept in the sunshine with a nice cool breeze blowing over us. He was slathered in sun block, luckily. I, however, neglected to put sun block on my Irish self and ended up french fried.

All in all, it was an excellent day spent in our new hometown-adjacent. I feel like when you’re in the north metro, you can say you’re from the Cities. In the South, saying “I live down the road” could mean literally just down the road or 100 miles away. You just never know.

So that’s one more item checked off the Eckman Family bucket list. I believe our next adventure will be either the Renaissance Festival (Joel and I have been, but the kids haven’t) or an NHL game. Living in a big city is tons of fun!

Later gators!

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