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Leopard Pony Hair Booties

I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d ever wear these.

They’re too fabulous and out-there for me, or so I thought.

My husband bought them for me for Christmas last year and I loved them right away but also thought they brought too much attention to me. I don’t enjoy the limelight, typically. I used to, but then I became a mom and kind of lost myself.

Now, though. Check out these booties! I was in EverEve yesterday and was trying on tons of outfits. I was chatting with my usual saleswoman and asked her how I would wear these booties. Her response was,

“You just put them on and wear them. Rock them out, Brandy!”

I put all nervousness aside and paired them with skinny jeans from Old Navy and my last season John and Jenn ribbed black sweater.

I think it turned out pretty great and my husband can’t quit checking me out.


I found that the Articles of Society jeans were the perfect fit in a size down for me. I opted for size 27 instead of 28 because I have 28s and I’m constantly pulling them up. For the Quentin sweater, I also opted for a medium instead of a large. I’m in between usually due to having a large chest, but the medium was perfect. The large was falling off my shoulders. I will likely wear a tank top or bralette (over my bra) in the future.



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