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Fall Breeze & Autumn Leaves

Finally! Fall is in the air…

“Spooky” pillow!

Being born and raised in Florida, I’ve seen two seasons. Hot, with a chance of rain and kind of cold… With a chance of rain. It’s always raining in Florida. But just because us Floridians are used to it, doesn’t mean we like it. It doesn’t mean that when it’s time to go on a hayride or Trick-or-Treating, that we want to take a rowboat (unless it’s part of your costume). I mean, at least, I don’t anyway.

You know what I want? I want to go hiking when the leaves change, I want to pick apples and go to the pumpkin patch. I just wanna have fun! So this year, Dillon and I made a little bucket list of adventures we can have in our new home, that we could NEVER do in Florida. (Well, you can. It’s just not the same).

  • Visit a pumpkin patch
  • Drive North to see change in the leaves
  • Do as many Oktoberfest activities that we can
  • Go to a Harvest Festival
  • Take the little cousins Trick- or- treating
  • Carve pumpkins (that will last longer than a week)
  • Attend the Zombie Pub Crawl
  • Pick apples at a local orchard

I haven’t told Dillon (although, it probably wouldn’t surprise him), but I have a Fall Bucket list of my own… It includes more activities that are on the crafty side. I love me some fall decorations y’all!

Fall branch and leaf mobile
  • Weathered fall sign
  • Branch mobile
  • Fall monogrammed wreath
  • Fall rustic mason jars
  • Rustic “Harvest” sign
  • “Spooky” throw pillow
  • Candy Corn button art
  • “Give Thanks” bottles

I find all these ideas on Pinterest that I just fall in love with. Over the last few years I’ve done quite a few tables, TV stands, blanket crates, dressers, and many more. Putting my own twist on projects is the best part!

So over the next few weeks hopefully Dillon and I can get some time together to work on our Bucket List and I’ll be able to do some crafts! I will update y’all on the projects I’ve done and will include the prices, steps and all!

Stay tuned!

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