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It’s Facelift Time!

Recently, we decided to give this old website a facelift.

A cleaner design is coming soon. Nicole and I also decided to make this site more about family/mom life, including fashion and beauty for women over a certain age. Other mom blogs are about fashion and beauty for women in their 20s and that’s just not us. We want to show you that you are beautiful at whatever age and whatever size you are NOW. Not how pretty you’d be if you lost the weight. Not how great those jeans would like if only you were a size 6. Neither of us is the industry standard of beauty, but we both FEEL beautiful.

Mom bloggerSometimes we look (ok, I look) a hot mess. But it’s about putting our best foot forward, every day. It’s about being who and what we are while working to be a better version of ourselves. It’s what we all want. There may be articles about daily life, depression & anxiety, beauty &¬†fashion, marriage, sex after 40, babies, and special needs parenting. That’s who Nicole and I are.

We are two mamas who have been and continue to be modified by love.

The love of our (6!) children, the love of our adoring husbands, the love we give to the world, and the love of our Lord. We are funny ladies (Nicole is much funnier than I!) and we LOVE life. Even the messiest parts of it, for it’s in those messy moments that we feel true grace. And in it’s in those moments that we find ourselves surrounded by love.

We hope you’ll continue to travel through life with us.

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