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A Smooth Move Transition

Photo by Erda Estremera on UnsplashWe are moving cross country this summer.

I wish I could say I have all the answers when it comes to how to do a cross-country move smoothly, but I don’t.

I know how to pack the boxes, get school transcripts, set up the schedule with the moving company, book hotel rooms for the drive across the country, and all the other minutiae that comes with this kind of move.

But I am feeling at such a loss on how to handle my pre-teen daughter’s emotions on this subject.

My girl is struggling. She’s moved before and it was hard, but this is so much harder. This time, it’s tearing her little heart into pieces. She’s made such great friends and is in a wonderful school district. And I’m asking her to leave it all behind. I’m asking her to cast aside her dear best friends and the awesome clubs they’re all in, and just move to another state. Her birth state, but she only lived there for 11 months before we moved. She has very few roots there, other than her family.

I have told her it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to be sad about leaving. It’s okay to need to run to the restroom at school and take a break. I’ve instructed her to politely inform her teachers what’s going on and ask for a break. If they need to call me, they can absolutely call me and I will discuss with her teachers about allowing her a little break in the bathroom to cry. This move is going to be tough for us all.

I’m heartbroken for her. She’s tearing up before school already and we still have 7 weeks until we’re watching the semi drive away with all of our belongings. Her father and I have told her she pretty much has a free pass for hanging out with friends, as long as her homework is done. Make all the plans, we’ll figure it out, sweet girl.

Does anyone out there have tips on how to make a smooth transition for your pre-teens? It’s such a vulnerable age.

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