Modified Mamas

Challenging the status quo.
Champions of women, children, and families

We are two Southern Mamas who have zero chill when it comes to inequalities.

We put our feelings and thoughts into words in cyberspace. There are two husbands, 6 kids (4 with special needs, two neurotypical), 4 dogs, several fish, and a partridge in a pear tree between the two of us.

We are strong, loyal, smart, loving, compassionate, and always working on bettering ourselves. Having kids with special needs helps us see the world in a different way and we write about it all: family life, health, home, politics, education, and faith.

Ruffling feathers is part of this gig.

make partial or minor changes to (something),
typically so as to improve it.
that crazy lady who’s yelling all the time,
yet you just can’t help but love her.

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