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Brandy is a 38-year-old mother of two. Her husband and children are often the subject of her writing. Brandy is able to stay sane by having a healthy sense of humor about life in general. More about me

13 Signs You’re a Mom of a KWSN

There are many things that let us know we have special kids who happen to have special needs.  Since some of our friends and loved ones don’t know a lot of them, I thought I’d give them a little Cliff’s Note into what identifies us.  If you agree with any of these or would like to add more, please let me know in the comment section!  I’d love to hear from you! Continue reading


I’m struggling.  I used to know my beliefs, and I was sure about them.  You know what I mean?  How you’re so sure of everything when you’re younger?  There is no gray; everything is black and white.  It’s either this way or it’s that way.  No middle ground.  I was so sure that God had my back, and I leaned on Him.  I was so sure that everything I read in the Bible was accurate, and exactly God’s Word.  Now, I’m questioning everything.  I feel really bad about that.  But I can’t help it.  (If you’re easily offended, please don’t read anymore.  I don’t mean to cause any offense but this is how I’m feeling at this moment in time.) Continue reading

What Do I Do Now?

Once upon a time, there was a girl who thought all she wanted was to be married to the man of her dreams and have beautiful children. She never thought of much more than that. When folks asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up she replied, “a wife and mother”. Maybe that’s due to the fact that her own childhood wasn’t picture perfect. She didn’t live in a traditional family. She grew up in a “broken home” where her parents were secondary caregivers and her grandmother raised her. Continue reading

Fat Be Gone…For Good!

nofatSo, a while ago I promised all of you I would keep you up to date with my weight loss battle.  But I didn’t.  I didn’t continue posting, and I also didn’t lose another pound.  Not. One. More. Pound.  BUT.  And here’s the important part: I am going to lose this fat.  I have changed my mindset.  I am not worried about the scale, I am more concerned with the fat surrounding my middle, top, and bottom.  I have a plan…and I would love if you guys would all come along with me. Continue reading

Play Group Isn’t Just for Your Kid

Our two Princesses playing dress up at Second Sunday

Our two Princesses playing dress up at Second Sunday

For a while now, our family has been part of a play group that is for our kids with special needs and their siblings.  We’ve been going for about 8 months or so.  It’s always on the second Sunday of the month, thus our name: Second Sunday Play Group.  It is this group that is always there for us, and we for them.  It is this group of folks who have made us realize that you can’t bury your head in the sand and hope all of your kids’ issues will just go away.  And it is this group that has shown us that no matter what, there is always something for which to be thankful. Continue reading

From One Child to Another

I’ve heard my friends talk a lot about how different it is to go from having only one child to having two or more.  While that’s very true, it’s even more true when your first child has special needs.  To add another child into the mix can be terrifying, exhilarating, and overwhelming.  It also adds more love, laughter, and tears.  You’ve probably heard me say that it took a lot of soul searching, prayers, and conversations to decide to have our daughter.  Our son was born with cerebral palsy, and while he is able to sit on his own, crawl, and now walk, he was not able to for a long time.  He was not walking at 5 years old when we had our daughter.  That’s right; I had a five-year-old son who weighed 45 pounds and I was pregnant and then had a baby in a carrier for a year.  It was hard work to help him so much, when my own body was changing so drastically, and then to have a baby in a carrier on one arm and my big boy on the other should’ve helped Mama to lose the pregnancy weight–but it didn’t.  I digress. Continue reading

Hold On, Pain Ends

HOPEToday is Wishful Wednesday and that means that I’ve been sitting here thinking of wishes, listening to my heart.  What’s on my heart today is the struggle we all face as Modified Mamas.  The struggle to be the same people we were before our kids were diagnosed.  That struggle, that pulling at your very being, is so damaging to our psyches.  Most people don’t get it, they don’t understand what it’s like to be us.  But I do.  I know what you’re going through.  I’m there with you.   Continue reading

Enough is Enough for Me

Thankfulness.  It’s something we should all strive for.  If we think we have nothing for which to be thankful, we have a sad life, indeed.  Whenever I start to feel down about something, I try to remind myself of the things I have that are amazing.  For instance, when I feel down about my weight, I think to myself, “Well, I’ve got a nice rack.” Continue reading

An Open Letter to Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature:

Sure, she looks nice…

You are the one that so many of us attribute so many things to.  For instance, lots of people believe you control the weather and bring us rain when we need it, snow when we’re looking for a good time during winter, and sunshiny days when we’re down. Since the beginning of time people have held you in high esteem.  Some even holding rituals in your honor.  Some folks believe you’re a lovely fairy, dressed all in green with floaty fairy wings and a wand.  Not me.  I think you’re a *itch. Continue reading