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Youth Restaurant Brand Founder Mr. Yi Hongjin Went to Henan to Visit A Wu Cuisine


On June 15, 2015, the Youth Restaurant brand founder Mr. Yi Hongjin, with executive director Mr. Hu Xiang, development director Mr. Wang Baoguo, and brand marketing director Mr. Shao Xianhui, visited Henan for A Wu cuisine. The visit team of Youth Restaurant, accompanied by Mr. Dun Yusong, the chairman of Yufeng delicacy, received warm reception from the brand founder of A Wu Cuisine, Mr. Fan Shengwu. During this visit, Youth Restaurant and A Wu Cuisine discussed and exchanges ideas about the development and transformation of delicacy, also the promotion of Chinese cuisines in general generation.

Youth Restaurant visit team has a look at the office environment, cultural corridors, and cultural exhibition booth, and so on early or late of A Wu Cuisine Company. During the visit, Mr. Fan Shengwu introduced and explained in detail about the brand story of A Wu Cuisine, the culture of Henan Cuisine, and the brand management and promotion of A Wu Cuisine. The corporate culture and promotion concept was highly recognized by Mr. Yi Hongjin, and he expressed that the two companies could expand extensive cooperation in the future.

Later at the symposium, staffs from both Youth Restaurant and A Wu Cuisine communicated and exchanged ideas on the spread and promotion of cuisine culture. After the meeting, Mr. Fan Shengwu invited Mr. Yi Hongjin and his entourage came to A Wu Cuisine on Yingxie Street, tasted the local delicacy, the A Wu big carp from Yellow River; the two sides together enjoyed the delicacy, as well as developed friendship, with a harmonious atmosphere.

The visit from Youth Restaurant to A Wu cuisine this time is not only a learning visit, but also an exchange and discussion of thoughts and culture. With Chinese food culture becoming global in the new era, Youth Restaurant advocates mutual benefits, exchanges and learning from more excellent catering enterprises. In future, Youth Restaurant will uphold the business principle of "respect for employees, serve for customers", continuously import the international advanced equipment and technology, management philosophy and management talents, enhancing the comprehensive strength of the enterprise in order to become the world's most competitive catering brand eventually!


The fourth person in the right of the above picture is a brand founder of A Wu, Mr. Fan Shengwu and the fifth in the right is the brand founder of Youth Restaurant, Mr. Yi Hongjin.

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