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The Launching Ceremony of Agricultural Super Docking Third Party Service Platform Was Held at the Great Hall of the People (Beijing)


The first "super agriculturaldocking" third party service platform and the agricultural products electronic trading center at the launching ceremony held in Beijing Great Hall of the people. Fengtai District agricultural products electronic trading center fully relying on the new nationwide base resources and authoritative brand, is committed to solve the agricultural product standardization level is weak, small scale farmers, farmers' cooperatives set the low degree of intensive management, construction of integrated production and marketing chain, "agriculture super docking" tailored to an open, fair and impartial third party service platform.

As a large Chinese food chain institutions, the new century youth catering group for the event also gave a high degree of attention and comprehensive strategic cooperation. Yi Hongjin, chairman of the Great Hall of the people went to the scene and agricultural products electronic trading center leading to the sacred ceremony.

Zhang Yuxi said, the new agricultural products electronic trading center will cooperate with Beijing City, supermarkets, catering companies, community markets, organizations, canteens and other procurement groups of users, relying on the new wholesale market for agricultural products in more than 20 years form a nationwide base of dominant agricultural products resources, to promote the "agriculture super docking", "agricultural food butt", "Aggie butt", "field shop docking project, reduce the circulation of agricultural products, reduce the cost of circulation.

Xinfade agricultural products electronic trading center, is the effective means to reduce circulation, reduce the cost of circulation, is to protect the market supply, the important guarantee of price stability, the establishment of modern agricultural products circulation system, increase the income of farmers and has important practical significance to promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas.


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