Definitions / Terms

  • KWSN
    Kid with special needs
  • KWSNs
    more than one kid with special needs, or more than one special need
  • IEP
    Individualized Education Plan  The written agreement between parents and schools that lists what the child will work on, who they’ll work on it with, where they’ll work on it, and the modifications and services they will require to do so.
  • Child Developing Neurotypically
    Child with no diagnosed special needs (Um, we’re not so fond of the term “normal kids” because we don’t think anyone is really normal and we certainly don’t think of our KWSNs as not normal.)
  • Modified
    Something changed to make it work better or in new ways
  • AT
    Assistive technology  Any device or equipment that helps a person with special needs do something more easily or safely
  • Person First Language
    People, whether or not they have disabilities, are people first.  Every person has worth and value, gifts and challenges and this should be recognized in our terminology.  Just as you would never call someone by their medical diagnosis, (a cancer man? herpes lady?) Please don’t do that with our children either.  They aren’t disabled kids, they are kids who happen to have disabilities; they aren’t special needs kids, they are KIDS with special needs.
  • Mama
    This is the woman who loves you with her whole heart and takes care of you every day regardless of biology (biological moms, step moms, adoptive moms, foster moms, sometimes aunts and grandmothers are mamas)

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